Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Years

Happy 2009. Hope it's off to a great start!

Left: New Years at the House of Hotties, with one of my BFF's. Below: The Countdown.

New Years day was a a four hour ride with the fast folks in 20 degree temps, one mountain climb and one flat/2 tire changes at the top of the mountain. Most of us spent the time huddling from the wind.
2009 has not gotten off the great start I envisioned but I am hopeful that after the death of a close friend, a reorg at the office and illness I can put these first couple weeks behind me and start having fun again (Ok, so this week I did get out Sunday, Monday and Thursday. No wonder I am sick).

Gotta get back on the bike regularly. Cohutta 65 will be here soon!

What am I listening to right now? You Better You Better You Bet by the Who. Life can imitate art! On board, Loveless by Bare Jr. Ha!

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