Sunday, January 4, 2009

Alittle Christmasy

Christmas Eve I had coordinated a ride with friends who, like me, were in Chatty and not spending time with their families. Jeffrey, Tony, Micah, Micheal, Rebecca and I hit the trails up at Raccoon. The group split early and soon it was Reba, Tony and I making our way. A mechanical on Rebecca's bike meant an early end to her ride. Tony and I decided to accompany her to the parking lot and wait on the others. Upon arriving, we saw that Michael had set up a stove and was heating soup and cider for us. He also had packed an array of rum to add that little extra kick to the cider. We weathered a brief rain shower and spent the next couple hours kickin' it in the lot.

Christmas Eve eve was spent at Chili's. Try to find a place open that evening. Here. The staff at Chili's cheered when I walked in and requested a table for eleven. We enjoyed three hours of two for ones drinks and a great evening with friends.

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Dreama said...

That's cool that you guys all got together!