Sunday, April 5, 2009

A New Post

So, off and on since January I run into friends who will at some point mention that I haven't updated my blog.  Yes, I know.  Perhaps because I feel as if I am updating folks via Face Book.  So, in no particular order here are some of the things that have been happening:

Had a great weekend the end of February in Atlanta.  Spent the night at the W Midtown, saw  Cirque de Soleil, drank quite a bit. Night cap was a drink called the Bon incredibly tasty treat. It also snowed there.

A long weekend in Wisconsin visiting the fam. Good visit, good times. 

A cyclist in Chatty that I knew was killed after being hit by a truck.  A ghost bike marks the spot a a constant reminder.

Elected to BOD of SORBA Chattanooga.  These are the folks that build the trails that many of us ride and run on.  My way of giving back w/o manual labor.

Moved over to the other side and bought a MacBook.  Like it, don't love it yet.  

Got some new wheels for the Mountain Bike built just for me.  Those I do love.

Spent a weekend camping at Davidson River at Pisagh.  Those Flynnski's can cook.  It was great ride fun trails.  The ton's of climbing, not so much...but the downhills were sweet, technical and flippin' fun.  Camping could be a go again, though I would prefer temps higher than 30 degrees.  

Am planning to visit Austria in September for a riding vacation in the Alps. 

Pic's to follow....


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