Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Holiday Season

It's been a busy month celebrating the holidays for me here in Chattanooga. It all started back (it seems soooo long ago now) at Thanksgiving.

Part of Thanksgiving weekend was spend in North Carolina riding the trails at Tsali. Though the weather was overcast and cool, it was a great day with 3 hours of riding . The night was spent at the Nantahala Inn...this place rocks! Great rooms with fridges, microwaves, rocking chairs and a sweet deal at 69 bucks!! Saturday the weather did not cooperate and the morning was spent in Sylva visiting former Specialized rep Kent at his bike shop and meandering through this quaint little town. Saturday evening it was back to Chattanooga for dinner at the home of the Flynnski's and a second Thanksgiving with grilled turkey from Rachel and Foye and sweet potato chili (delish).

The following weekend was the true test , with 3 parties to attend that Saturday. Starting early in the evening the first stop was the Velo Vixen's holiday gathering at BMW of Chattanooga , one of our wonderful sponsors.The building was decorated fabulously. With food provided by another sponsor 212 Market and toys collected for Toy's for Tot's it was a great event.
From there I headed to the Hunter Museum where I met Susan, up from Atlanta for a formal holiday gathering hosted by Archie, Tab and several others. It was a great gathering of many friends...I am very grateful to be included in such a fun event. Sadly, my sassy three inch heels were starting to wreck havoc with my pain threshold and after a break in the Uggs and numerous texts fired off at 1 am the journey to the third and final party was aborted and I called it an evening. My poor feet were suffering for days!
The following weekend was a visit to Jenny and Sherri's holiday gathering at Sherri and Adam's new home. Wow...was all I could say. Their media room is about the size of my whole house! More friends, and Karen performing karaoke to Sweet Home Alabama with Adam. That's the natural song for Wisconsin girl to sing, isn't it?

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